and an aerial station the width of a street!

Dec 29, 2018

Can you imagine this station for double trains over East 25th between Freighthouse Square and the new Trax market-rate apartments going in behind the Little LINK platform?

Yes people living there will very easily reach transit but what is the perception of entering the building and coming down into a shadowed, underground feel rather than looking across at the new Amtrak Station in a one story building with lots of sky overhead and people bustling about at street level.

What is the image we want for the Dome District? Does this fit our Vision? No!

This can work for the suburban areas where there is lots of space, but not for the Vision the Dome District has as a dense vibrant TOD.  This above structure actually came up out of a tunnel as it went thru the urban part of Seattle, so it should for the few blocks (maybe 7 blocks) we require in the Dome District.


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