Dome District is part of Downtown Tacoma!

South Downtown Subarea Plan

Oct 12, 0000

Join us in an exciting planning process that will prepare the Dome and Brewery Districts for future development and growth opportunities.

The resulting Subarea Plan and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) will:

  • Identify and prioritize necessary infrastructure improvements (e.g.:   water, sewer, storm water, power, telecommunications)
  • Plan for parks, trails and open space
  • Prioritize transportation investments including light rail, parking, pedestrian and bike improvements
  • Develop potential funding strategies
  • Pre-approve up to 30 million sq. ft. of new development space through an UPFRONT SEPA/EIS process

Two ways to get involved - either come to the Dome District Development Group's monthly meeting on the 2nd Thurs of each month (See Agenda on the ABOUT page)


Come to the bigger meeting that includes the Brewery District, Hillside, UWT and the Foss Waterway Dev. Authority. Next meeting is on November 1, 2011, 9am at Sprague Pest Control's Conf. Rm., 2725 Pacific Ave 

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